For Midweek Madness, a swingin' salute to Ethel Ennis on her 80th

One of the finest jazz singers of our time, Baltimore's own Ethel Ennis, celebrates her 80th birthday today, Nov. 28, which just happens to be -- sorry, Ms. Ennis -- Midweek Madness day here on this world-famous, heavily-envied blog.

How could I possibly combine these two events, you ask, with halted breath? Easy, thanks to Scopitone, the curio from the '60s that foreshadowed the music video explosion a few decades later.

So, to celebrate this wonderful milestone for a great artist, and also just to have some fun, here is Ethel Ennis singing fabulously amid some not so fabulous, but hilarious, scenic design and, especially, choreography. I've got a feeling you won't be able to take you eyes off of this:

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