For Giving Tuesday, inspirational video from Wuppertaler Kurrende boy's choir

If you haven't heard, a fast-spreading grassroots movement has led to the launching of Giving Tuesday, a welcome followup to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other buy-buy-buy events. As Auntie Mame might say, the message of this one is give, give, give -- to charities.

Nonprofits in the arts community are understandably getting involved, and I certainly hope you will consider supporting your favorite orchestras, opera companies, theaters and the like. But, since it would be unfair for me to single out any such groups, I thought I would suggest something neutral for Giving Tuesday.

I found this great video of the Wuppertaler Kurrende, a boy's choir in Germany, in a performance last week on Universal Children's Day in support of the International Children's Fund.

This should put you in the mood for giving, no matter which organization you choose to help:

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