Midweek Madness: A cetennial salute to John Cage

He was an amazing creative artist who taught the world that music is not defined by dots and bar lines on a page, or restrained by conventions of time and structure. Ironic, then, that his name was John Cage.

Nothing caged about this man, born 100 years ago on Sept. 5, 1912. He was the ultimate free thinker, the ultimate opener of doors and minds, the ultimate American maverick.

But Cage had quite a sense of fun, too, so I don't think he would mind being used for this installment of Midweek Madness. And what could be madder -- or more endearing -- than Cage's 1960 appearance on the TV game show, "I've Got a Secret"?

It's really something to see him politely putting up with host Gary Moore's skepticism and then, to nervous laughter from the audience, delivering a hearty performance of ... "Water Walk" using a wild assortment of objects. Very, very cool.

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