Midweek Madness: It's a Wonderful Remix

Not sure about you, but I am in total denial about the whole Christmas/New Year's thing, the gift shopping (is that even necessary in a recession?), the card-sending.

The forecast of some snow tonight -- even though the morning has started out at over 60 degrees -- sort of jolted me a little. (All those years I lived in Florida made it much easier to think 'Holidays? What holidays?')

So for Midweek Madness, that feature many of you look forward to with what can only be described as a pathological fixation, I thought a jolt of something Christmas-y -- with a twist -- would be in order.

I think this is a very clever remix of ... scenes from "It's a Wonderful Life" set to a great seasonal song to help you (OK, me) get in the mood:

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