Ravens' Rice and Suggs react to the Perry Hall soccer situation

We'll have more on Perry Hall's decision to revive its boys soccer season as the day goes on.

But here's a look at how Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and running back Ray Rice reacted when asked about the story today by reporter Edward Lee at the team's facility in Owings Mills. (The Perry Hall players were initially punished for imitating the "Bernie" dance Suggs and Rice are known for doing.)

Suggs on his reaction to the controversy: “You’ve got to remember that these are young adults that have achieved the highest level they could achieve at that age level, and I think the punishment was too harsh. Whatever I could do, I definitely want to help because I was just flattered that they did that.”

Suggs on if he thinks the dance is lewd or inappropriate: “I did the dance on Monday Night Football, but I didn’t tweet or say, ‘Everybody should do this.’ It was fun. I saw the dance online, and I thought, ‘That’s cool. I’m going to do that after I get a sack.’ Maybe the kids saw me and did it. I don’t know if they did it after me or if they saw the same thing I did [online], but if they did do it after me, I’m flattered. I think it was way too harsh for them to get suspended because they were happy and did the dance.”Rice on his reaction to the controversy: “I feel that the penalty was a little harsh. The dance is harmless. I just remember my high school days when we were winning. When we went to our state championship, I used to get in the middle and our high school coach would dance with us. It’s just all fun and celebration. The penalty was a little harsh, and I’m glad the kids got reinstated. You just don’t want to take that shine away from them. My brother just had his last high school football game, and for the kids, this is their moment. These kids have something to look up to. For some of these kids who are seniors, just imagine if this had been their last game because of a ruling that would have ruined their whole season because of a celebration. That could have been a kid’s last high school experience, and imagine him waking up and saying, ‘We were going to states, and we didn’t get a chance to go because we did the “Bernie” dance.’ It just wouldn’t end right. So I’m glad the kids got reinstated. The dance is harmless. It’s a fun celebration.”

Rice on if he thinks the dance is lewd or inappropriate: “I don’t think it’s lewd. I don’t think it’s offensive in any way. I think parents can understand that the dance is harmless. It’s not promoting violence, it’s not doing anything offensive. It’s something that’s harmless.”

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