The Baltimore Marathon looks for a runner tracking fix

From the running festival on FB (via Liz Kay):

Baltimore Running Festival

Following up on the runner tracking issues: for the people who did not receive tracking messages but signed up, did any of you do it before 4AM on Saturday, Oct. 15th? Apparently 328 registered after 4AM Saturday and their information never got into our vendor's system.

FYI: we posted the tracking registration closed at 7AM on Saturday. Our vendor was supposed to shut down the website at that point, but did not. What the issue was between 4AM-6:59AM is still being investigated.

(Continues ...)

So I need you guys to verify please...if you did not get messages, but signed up before 7AM Saturday, we need to know so we can try to put this issue to bed. Nearly 12,000 messages were sent out, so it did work to a degree. I know this by no means is a consolation to those who didn't get messages.

We screwed up, we know it. We believe in being transparent and honest with you guys. We are hardest on ourselves and pledge a level of service that you are entitled to for your hard-earned $.

Did you have problems with the runner tracking system? Let them know.

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