Report says Dipoto off the board, so LaCava likely gains favorite status

According to a Fox Sports report, Jerry Dipoto will be named the new general manager of the Los Angeles Angels.

That means he won’t be the new GM of the Orioles.

And there is going to be some grousing about that among the Orioles’ fan base.

Dipoto, the senior vice president of the Arizona Diamondbacks, was the first candidate the Orioles interviewed last week, and I believe he was the favorite to get this job, slightly ahead of Toronto Blue Jays assistant GM Tony LaCava.

I even wrote that I thought Dipoto might be more interested in the Orioles over the Angels, partially because I thought the Orioles were in a better position to make an offer quicker since the Angels were interviewing more clients. And Dipoto, who had been a finalist at other places, seemed ready to take the job in hand.

But the Orioles didn’t finish up their search faster. They are interviewing a fourth candidate, John Stockstill, now and may interview at least a fifth person.

Now, I’m not sure how close that race was between Dipoto and LaCava, so I can’t say for sure the Orioles lost their No. 1 guy (something many fans would say is typical). And we’ll never know for sure because certainly the team won’t spin it that way as they hire someone else.

LaCava may have crept into that top spot this week, so Dipoto's being off the board may not have mattered anyway. And I know the Orioles liked Los Angeles Dodgers assistant GM De Jon Watson as well.

LaCava is now obviously the favorite to be the new Orioles GM. But write that in pencil. I’ve learned over the years that nothing is official with the Orioles until it is official.

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