Head Theater at Center Stage to get makeover

Good news for those of us who just never could warm up to the configuration of the Head Theater at Center Stage.

That upstairs space, where "The Second City: Charmed and Dangerous" soon finishes its run, has had a cabaret-style look, with little tables filling most of the floor space and bleacher-style seating on the sides. It's about to get a makeover.

In a statement released Monday, new Center Stage artistic director Kwame Kwei-Armah said: ...

"One of the things I loved when I first came to this theater was the uniqueness and wonderful flexibility of The Head Theater. Since taking over, however, it has come to my attention that The Head Theater receives many complaints from patrons, designers, and directors.

"Bearing in mind that I share their concerns, we are reconfiguring The Head Theater to a more 'traditional' space ... on the road to a fully flexible, 21st-century theatrical black box."

Conventional seating will replace the cabaret tables for the rest of the season. Current ticket-holders "will be in comparable locations to their current seats," according to a press release. A new seating chart is on the Center Stage website.

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