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All quiet so far (and Pie note)

I've been told that there will be nothing coming out of the warehouse today in regards to the Orioles GM/manager situations.

Now, as Andy MacPhail often says, that could change with a phone call.

But it is my sense that we won't hear anything today; Monday is still a real possibility.

If you need Orioles news, though, apparently last week was the time when many Triple-A players who were eligible declared free agency. According to the International League transactions site, (and brought to my attention by mlbtraderumors.com) one of those players was outfielder Felix Pie.

Not a surprise. When the Orioles took Pie off their 40-man roster in August and did not recall him from Norfolk in September, it was obvious his time here was done. Although, they could always re-sign him for Norfolk.

Good luck to Felix, who I enjoyed covering the past few years. Someone will give him a chance, perhaps at AAA, in hopes that the vast potential can be realized.

By the way, Jay Gibbons, also one of my favorites to cover, declared Triple-A free agency from the Dodgers organization.

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