10 tips for men

Women don’t seem to need much advice, but men, hapless as we are, need as much as we can get. Thus:

If someone who is not embracing you can smell your deodorant, body wash, or cologne, you have overdone it. (You do, however, get points for daily bathing.)

Pajamas are nightwear, not daywear.

You may imagine that going unshaven makes you look rugged, masculine, Brad-Pittish. It’s likelier that you look like someone coming off a three-day bender.

If you’re OK with knowing that that tattoo is going to get faded and saggy as you age—not to mention the waning of an enthusiasm for a person or topic that you will have outgrown—go ahead. But first get a copy editor to go over the spelling of your choice. Genius does not begin with a j.

George Washington’s rule still holds: “When in Company, put not your Hands to any Part of the Body, not usually Discovered.”

Take off your hat when entering a church, library, concert hall, restaurant, or private home. If you usually wear a cap instead of a hat, take that off, too, and give some consideration to buying a hat.

Your chewing should not be audible to people at the next table.

What my daughter tells me merits your attention: “You are not as funny as you think you are.”

Prowess is demonstrated by performance, not palaver.



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