The big day?

Most of the educated speculation about the date of the Orioles' front office shuffle continues to center on Thursday, and Buck Showalter did nothing to change that during his pre-game news conference on Tuesday. He was asked about what aspects of the team he felt needed the most work during the offseason, and he seemed to say the process of reconfiguring the organization would start immediately.

"We all have ideas,'' he said, "but I don't know that now is the time to be discussing them. Our season ends tomorrow. I'll make a bet there will be things going on Thursday that will be moving toward next year."

It doesn't seem that difficult to read between the lines. There aren't a lot of players moves to be made this quickly, and the Orioles definitely need to have their front office aligned properly before they can set about the business of improving the team on the field.

"Things move pretty fast in this game,'' Showalter said. "I feel pretty confident we'll be pretty relentless about trying to improve our club."

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