Prospects for 2011 ICC opening appear bright

In their officials statements, Maryland officials continue to estimate that the second and most important phases of the Intercounty Connector will open late this year or early in 2012. But having had favorable weather for much of the spring and summer, they are showing signs of optimism that the section completing the link between Interstate 270 and Interstate 95 will open sometime this year.

"We're optimistic about this year," said ICC project spokesman Ray Feldmann. He said officials might have a better fix on the opening date later this month.

The section of the $2.6 billion ICC between Interstate 370 (which feeds into I-270) and Georgia Avenue opened early this year. Contractors are working on the section between Georgia and I-95. Two other phases of the toll road project -- building feeder roads from I-95 and an extension to U.S. 1 -- have been deferred.


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