Midweek Madness: In these volatile days, Marlene Dietrich's musical saw may soothe

Such a roller-coaster week so far, full of terribly unsettling news -- the stock market, the London riots, the prospect of a Rick Perry candidacy.

I figured this installment of Midweek Madness had to be doubly distracting, something to take your mind far away from the troubles around us (and, boy howdy, nobody knows the troubles I've seen just since Monday, so I may need this particular relief more than you).

Here then, for something completely different, the immortal Marlene Dietrich performing a lovely little Hawaiian song on her saw.

As you will hear in this radio show from the 1940s, interviewed by Milton Cross (voice of the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts back in the day), Miss Dietrich had ... even higher musical ambitions, but, really, when you've mastered the saw, what else is left?

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