Jokeless Monday

It’s Monday and there’s no joke: Unable to set up a recording session the week before last, I left on vacation without supplying a video joke for this week. Apologies. The joke should return next Monday. In the meantime, your word for the week is craquelure.

What is a jink? From a reader: “I've never written you before, but had to today after seeing this headline in the Sports section: ‘Son of former NFL star is known for high jinks, intelligence’ What is a high jink? For that matter, what is a low jink?”

Jink is a verb meaning “to change direction suddenly and nimbly” and a noun meaning “a sudden quick change of direction,” the New Oxford American Dictionary says, going on to explain that the Scots high jinks, “denoting antics at drinking parties” is “probably symbolic of nimble motion.” Try a wee dram or two of the Balvenie and see what you can manage.

What he said: Arrant Pedantry has taken up the little essay on solecisms by David Bentley Hart and expresses, more succinctly and effectively in one post than I did in two, its misguidedness.

I’m not reopening the subject here. If you want to defend Dr. Hart, go there.

The beach: Now a pleasant but fading memory. Back to the paragraph factory tomorrow.



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