Tyrod Taylor staking his claim for backup job

After watching Tyrod Taylor throw earlier in the season, I thought he could be the Ravens' No. 3 quarterback, or possibly be placed on the practice squad. Now, after three preseason games, I understand why the Ravens are considering making him the backup to starter Joe Flacco.

If the Ravens can land a quality backup with experience, then that's the move they should make. But barring any last-minute cuts, there doesn't seem to be anyone out there head and shoulders above Taylor, or someone you can't pick up later in the season if needed.

Initially, Taylor was overstriding on his passes, causing them to sail. That's probably because he was trying to compensate for his lack of height and trying to make quick reads. But in the past three weeks, he has shown good accuracy. We're aware of his ability to make plays, but if you want to succeed in the league, you have to be accurate, and that's something that can't be taught.

Besides the great athleticism, the kid learns extremely fast and is coachable. Often, we've heard the comparisons to Troy Smith, but this kid is way ahead of Smith, especially his attitude.

The Ravens are high on Taylor, but some other front-office personnel around the league have begun to like him as well.

If Flacco does get hurt, especially for a short time, you want a quarterback who can improvise, a player who can make something out of nothing. It will be interesting to see how Taylor plays tomorrow against the Falcons, if the Ravens play him at all. There will be a lot of tense moments over the weekend when the Ravens and other NFL teams have to make decisions on personnel, especially backup quarterbacks.

But if the Ravens don't bring in another backup, I won't mind. Taylor has been impressive.

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