Derrick Mason on WBAL, talking about his release

Despite the fact that Ozzie Newsome called him Monday to tell him he was going to be released, Derrick Mason was surprisingly upbeat when he spoke to WBAL tonight. Mason's son had just wrapped up his first ever youth football practice, and watching him run gave Mason warm feelings on a day that was admittedly a little disappointing.

"It turned out to be a pretty good day," Mason said. "Watching him backpedal put a smile on my face."

Mason was a bit wistful, however, when talking about the phone call he got from Newsome informing him of the Ravens' plans to release him.

"It's a little bittersweet," Mason said. "I understand the business of football, and I understand what has to be done in the business of football. It was good while I was there. I can't hang my head down. I think I did everything above and beyond what they asked me to do when I came in there six years ago. And I think everybody in that building can attest to that. If last year truly was my last year in a Ravens uniform, then I've enjoyed every bit of it."

Mason said he and Newsome didn't discuss the wide receiver returning to the team under different financial terms, but he does plan to play a few more years. Mason said he would certainly be open to coming back to the team if the Ravens want him.

"This is just another chip on my shoulder," Mason said. "This is something else that fuels me and makes me try to be as productive on the field as I can, whether that be in Baltimore -- and I hope it is -- or somewhere else. [My return] is solely up to them. I love Baltimore. The city embraced me. The organization is great from top to bottom. My first thing would be: 'Why not Baltimore?' They're primed to win a Super Bowl and I don't want to go nowhere else but a place that is primed to contend for a Super Bowl."

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