UFC tour coming to Maryland

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is bringing the Octagon Nation Tour to Columbia on Tuesday. UFC fans will get a chance to test their skills and check out the UFC gaming station featuring an exclusive preview of the Xbox Kinect UFC Trainer Experience.

In addition, fans have the opportunity to visit an exhibition truck dedicated to showcasing rare UFC memorabilia.

The UFC Octagon Nation Tour will give physical fitness tests to fans (weigh-in, high jump, pull-up bar and a punch strength station). Each visitor receives a fight card with their results that can be instantly shared on their Facebook page. Participants achieving top results will be posted to UFC.com/tour following each stop.      

"I've always said that the UFC live experience is the best in all of sports," UFC President Dana White said.  "With the Octagon Nation Tour, we are going to bring the fastest-growing sport in the world to some of the best events of the summer. We re excited to hit the road and give fans the opportunity to check it out." 

The Interactive Octagon Nation Tour trailer will be open to fans on Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Dick's Sporting Goods at 6221 Columbia Crossing Circle in Columbia. To track the tour and to get the all of the latest news and stops, follow the UFC Octagon Nation Tour at www.ufc.com/tour or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/octagonnation.   


Mon     6/20     Fairfax, VA                 Dick's Sporting Goods

Tue      6/21     Columbia, MD             Dick's Sporting Goods

Sun      6/26     Pittsburgh, PA             UFC Fight Night Arena Tailgate      

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