Orioles have been unable to trade Fox; outright waivers appear likely

The Orioles have had conversations about trading Jake Fox, who was designated for assignment last week, but they haven’t been able to find a deal and it now appears they are left with having to pass him through outright waivers.

The 10-day mark for them to make a decision on Fox is Saturday. However, it takes 48 hours for a player to clear waivers, and there are no waivers over the weekend. So that means the Orioles had to trade him by this afternoon or put him through waivers.

Teams cannot comment on the waiver process, so I can’t be completely sure that Fox, who hit .188 with two homers and four RBIs in 19 games for the Orioles this season, is currently on the waiver wire. However, there doesn’t appear to be a trade involving him at this point, so it seems pretty safe to make that conclusion.

The Orioles now risk losing Fox for nothing as any team could claim him. Their failure to trade him is an indication that they didn’t receive much interest in the right-handed hitter because the Orioles wouldn’t have asked for much in return, knowing that they could lose him for nothing anyway.

A team would be much more likely to claim Fox than trade for him. If Fox clears waivers -- which I wouldn’t say is likely by any means -- the Orioles would outright him to Triple-A Norfolk.

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