Mason tells Kirwan, 'Thanks'

We have already reported on some of Derrick Mason's workouts this lockout offseason, and we saw at Towson that it was for real: Mason looked ready to play that day.

He has been at workouts with Ravens players in Arizona and Towson, and this week he worked in Nashville, where he lives, with his old team, the Titans. Here was a tweet he sent from Nashville:

"One day I'll get old... But no time soon!!! Very appreciative of the whole titan team for allowing me to work out with them! Good ppl"

A short while later, he also tweeted about an ranking of the top receivers by Pat Kirwan, who put Mason, 37, in a group of players from 35 to 40:

"Oh yea and pat kirwin, I don't need much motivation but thank u!!! Hahahaha"

Mason is one player the Ravens don't have to worry about taking it easy in the offseason.

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