Mason stays on cutting edge

Nobody in the NFL runs the comeback route better than the Ravens' Derrick Mason. He has been -- and continues to be -- almost unstoppable on that route.

Mason has gone through several phases in his 14-year career -- from exceptional kick returner to big-play receiver who was willing to go across the middle to a player who hones his craft and works to find every advantage.

"I've gotten a lot smarter," Mason said about his ability to get open on the comeback. "It's not about speed, it's about setting the defensive back up. I want to make every route look the same. What I'm able to do, with my ability, is get out and into the break."

At 37, Mason has 924 career catches (12th in NFL history) with 66 touchdowns and a 12.9 average gain. He's played in 138 consecutive games and has had 11 straight seasons with 60 or more catches.

Mason looked really good in a recent workout at Towson, snatching the ball on strong passes from Joe Flacco and running crisp routes. He doesn't appear to have lost any quickness.

"I was a 4.4 [40-yard dash] guy coming out, but I was quick," he said. "As my speed diminished over the years, I worked on my quickness more in the offseason."

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