The perfect music to accompany the Rapture, in case the world ends on May 21

OK, folks. Stop that cowering and whimpering. Stop crowding the confessionals. It's too late for any of that, so buck up, sit back and just take the rapture (if you're among the chosen) or the icky alternative (if you're not) on May 21.

Meanwhile, to help you handle the suspense as the minutes tick away, click below on the perfect music to underscore such a momentous occasion, Olivier Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time." Since the power could go out on all of us at any minute as the process of shutting down the universe gets underway, I figured I might as well ... cut to the final movement of this sublime work, the movement titled "Praise to the Immortality of Jesus."

Don't worry. You can be of any or no religion to get the point and beauty of this transfixing music. And if, by some miracle, we're all still here on the 22nd, do go back and listen to the complete Quartet. It really is out of this world.

Here's that finale. Ready, get set, get raptured:

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