Subpoenas going out in Ehrlich robocall case

The Baltimore Sun's Laura Vozzella is reporting a "surprising update" in the investigation of questionable election-night robocalls ordered up by the campaign of former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

She writes on Baltimore Insider:

The update: They've just subpoenaed someone to testify before a grand jury on the matter later this month.

The surprising part: The subpoena was served on that someone right in front of me.

Political operative Julius Henson, who was working for the Republican former governor, faces a federal civil complaint in the case. The Office of the State Prosecutor also is investigating, though the agency would not comment on any subpoenas it may or may not have issued.

The calls in question told tens of thousands of Democratic voters to “relax” because Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley had “been successful” and that “the only thing left to do is watch it on TV tonight.”

Henson's attorney is seeking a stay in the civil case because he is aware of two grand juries probing the matter. Attorney Edward Smith argues the civil case could interfere with any potential criminal cases.

Earlier, Henson's attorney argued that the robocalls amounted to Constitutionally protected speech.

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