Enough yet? More showers and storms due

One of these days, between work and the rain showers, I'll get to cut the grass. But for now, it's just going to keep growing as we continue to entertain showers and storms that just won't leave.

Low-pressure parked pretty much on top of us continues to spin in a counter-clockwise direction.

And that is spooling in loads of moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. Add some daytime solar energy, and we will be kicking off more showers and thunderstorms for the immediate future.

Forecasters out at Sterling are giving us a 30 percent chance for rain this afternoon, rising to 70 percent overnight. The risk then climbs to 100 percent on Tuesday and Tuesday night before gradually diminishing to 60 percent Wednesday, 40 percent Thursday and 30 percent Friday.

During that period, we could see anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain, they say. And if you happen to find yourself beneath a thunderstorm, the totals could exceed that.

If they're right, Tuesday would seem to present our greatest risk of heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Keep an eye peeled for Flash Flood Watches and warnings.

Sterling has cancelled the Coastal Flood Advisory that has stood for several days on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake. But they expect to reinstate it early Tuesday. Coastal Flood Avisories continue in effect along portions of the Eastern Shore of the bay, and in southern portions of the Western Shore as onshore winds and high tides combine to raise high tides 1 to 1.5 feet above normal. Minor flooding in low-lying areas remains a risk.

We were down near Tilghman Island over the weekend and the high tides were just lapping at the tops of the bulkheads, and the bottoms of the piers. Folks there told us some of their piers had been underwater at high tides earlier in the week.

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