'American Idol' results: Top 4 revealed

Who's going home tonight on American Idol? Only time will tell.

Turns out Ryan Seacrest is going to make them do the thing where they create groups on different sides of the stage, and someone is going to have to choose which group he or she thinks is in danger. Mean. I hate when they do this.

There's a lot of filler tonight, including a Hell's Kitchen crossover with the Top 5 attempting to cook with Gordon Ramsey and a performance by J.Lo in which she was inexplicably wearing sparkly Hammer pants. Just for the record, making Hammer pants low-rise is not a fashion upgrade.

So the split is Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk on one side of the stage and James Durbin and Haley Reinhart on the other. Scotty McCreery is last, and instead of making him decide, Ryan just tells him that he is safe. Whew, so much nicer than expected. Fakeout! Ryan asks him to go stand next to the pair he thinks is safe. He says he can't, then Ryan walks him over to James and Haley and tells them they are all three safe. 

This leaves Lauren, who is crying, and Jacob. But they have to wait through a commercial break first. Mean again some more.

The ousted contestant is Jacob Lusk, so Lauren is safe and tries to stop crying.

What do you think about the results? I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so I don't have my own judgment here.

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