Report: Scott Hall hospitalized after incident at independent show (with video)

Scott Hall was hospitalized after his bizarre appearance at an independent wrestling show in Massachusetts Friday night, according to a report on

Hall, whose history of substance abuse problems is well-documented, was clearly out of it at the show (the disturbing video below speaks for itself).Geena Jinev Anac, a representative for Hall, told TMZ that Hall was being treated for cardiac issues and will be hospitalized for at least three more days. She added that doctors believe Hall’s condition at the show was a result of his medications interacting poorly with one another.

On Saturday, Hall’s longtime friend Kevin Nash tweeted: “Scott is in the hospital up north. I'll be at the airport when he lands and taking him to my home when he lands.”

In a news release a day before the incident, Anac said that Hall was being treated in an Orlando, Fla., hospital for “extremely low blood pressure.”

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