Ravens coaching questionable?

The Ravens are talking about drafting another pass rushing specialist in the first round again, but before they do, maybe they should take another look at their coaching staff.

The Ravens have drafted some decent pass rushers in the past, but they have developed few. Most of their defensive pressure is the result of blitzes, but in the post season, a lot of teams makes corrections to stop blitzes.

I think the Ravens need to become more creative as far as using stunts, like loops and crosses, on the defensive line. In theory, great defenses get pass rushes with their front four because they win one-on-one matchups, not depend entirely on blitzes. With the exception of outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and occasionally defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, the Ravens rarely win those one on one matchups.

Maybe the Ravens need to spend more time as far as pass rushing techniques in practice, or bring a bona fide coach who works specifically in that area.

In the last two years, they haven't gotten it done.

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