Quick hits on WWE Tough Enough

• After being one of the bottom three for the past two weeks on Tough Enough, Rima was finally eliminated from the competition on Monday night’s episode. She was such an obvious choice to be sent home that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin didn’t even bother selecting a bottom three; he just eliminated her outright. It was clearly the right call. In fact, Rima should have been given the boot sooner. Not only was she not picking up the basics in the ring – she couldn’t even properly do a flat-back bump – but she also showed up 20 minutes late for a workout and was caught using padding underneath her ring gear to cushion the impact of hitting the ropes. I think the only reason she lasted as long as she did is because she’s Miss USA and was bringing attention to the show.• After eliminating Rima, Austin told her that he thinks she has a future in the business. I agree with him, but it’s not because I saw even the slightest bit of potential in her. I believe WWE wants Rima to make it and will give her every opportunity to succeed.

• Martin (formerly known as “Donny Osmond”) has been coming on strong and appears to be Luke’s toughest competition. However, while Martin may rival Luke in conditioning and in-ring ability, when it comes to having a superstar look and charisma, Luke is far superior.

• Jeremiah is green but he has a quirky charisma and is a physical specimen, so while he probably won’t win this competition, I could see him making it in WWE after he gains more experience.

• Only two women remain – Christina and Ivelisse. Christina (who is Alicia Fox’s sister) is athletic and shows promise, but Ivelisse has not been impressive.

• Bret Hart’s appearance was pretty underwhelming. The contestants seemed to be hanging on his every word, but he really didn’t say much except for a few clichés about never giving up on their dreams.

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