Update: Quadruple stabbing at Bourbon Street Saturday morning; club to stay open Saturday night

Four men were stabbed early Saturday morning at Bourbon Street Live, and one of them, a 24-year-old, died from his injuries, police said. The others have been transported to area hospitals and are expected to survive.

The club will be open tonight, said a spokeswoman for one of the events on the club's schedule. 

The stabbings took place in the ballroom side of the Bourbon Street complex, which was offering all-you-can-drink specials for women. 

The Sun's Jill Rosen reports:

David Adams, one of the club's managers, said Saturday morning that the violence erupted in the ballroom where ladies night was happening. He declined to elaborate on what happened, but said the bar was immediately discontinuing the popular promotion.

Earlier that night, the club also hosted a "Zombie Strippers and Beer" event, which promised a "killer night." The promo video is here. David Adams, a manager at the club, said the "Ladies Night" event will be discontinued immediately.

There are two events scheduled for Saturday night, a demo release party for the band Echoes in the ballroom and a 4th anniversary party for the adult store Sugar in the Quarter.

Bourbon Street encompasses three spaces, The Ballroom, The Quarter, and The Terrace. The stabbing took place inside the ballroom.  

Kevin Hock, a publicist for the complex, did not know yet  - as of 2 p.m Saturday - if Bourbon Street would open Saturday night. But Wendy Fox, who runs the production company organizing the Sugar event, said the party is scheduled to go on as planned.

The Sugar party is open to the public. Fox said the club will provide security. 

It's not clear what kind of security Bourbon Street had on hand Friday night; Hock has not commented on it, and neither have police. The club is said to employ off-duty police, according to Crime Beat

Bourbon Street, open to 18-year-olds and over, hosts parties and mid-sized concerts regularly; the rapper Ice Cube recently performed there.

There have been incidents there in the past. In June, two Anne Arundel County men were charged with assaulting two other men at the club.

And, in January 2009, a police officer was assaulted there, and, in a separate incident, seven females were arrested, according to a liquor board filing from the time. 

In 2009, there were also at least nine counts of underage alcohol consumption violations, all from a single month that year. 

Adams, speaking with Jill Rosen, offered his condolences to the victims. The last status update on the club's Facebook page, dated Friday, reads: "Come down it's gonna be a wild one!"

Update:  Stephan Fogleman, chairman of the Baltimore Liquor Board, said it's too early to know how the stabbings will affect the club's liquor license. He noted a liquor board inspector was at the club last night but that the inspector's conclusions have not been reviewed yet.

it's likely, Fogleman said, the board will want to review the club's security plans. Typically, that would happen after police have finalized its own report.

Fogleman said the last time Bourbon Street appeared before the board was January 2010, when it was found not guilty of disturbing the peace after a party hosted by Girls Gone Wild where promoters encouraged women to bare their breasts.

In 2009, the club was found guilty and fined for underage alcohol consumption.

The club had strong security in the past, Fogleman said.

"I can say, based on prior experience before the board, they have fantastic security. They have hired off-duty deputy sheriffs. They frisk people. Their security is equal to or better than M&T Bank Stadium's. It's definitely a surprise that it happened there."

Update 2: The Echoes show has been rescheduled to April 8, the venue wrote on its website.  

Update 3: Full Bourbon Street Management press release, via owner Jim Temple:

Bourbon Street would like to offer our condolences to the victim in this case. Bourbon Street cannot comment about the particulars of the incident pending the results of the Police Department's investigation. Unfortunately, there seems to be a great deal of misinformation that seems to be surrounding the circumstances of that evening. For example, contrary to some reports security personnel that evening did the standard pat down commonly utilized at stadium entrances. These procedure and identification requirements were all videotaped by the venues surveillance system and has been reviewed by the Police Department.

Bourbon Street is a diverse building utilized by all segments of the community from country, electronic dance music, rock, Rhythm and blues to neo-soul. The building has a full concert and show calendar. The ladies night promotion has been a part of the building since it opened and has had little to no problems. However, effective immediately the ladies night promotion is discontinued. Although these events were precipitated by the actions of a minute number of individuals, we can not allow our core concert business to be affected by this type of situation. We do appreciate the 100,000+ customer’s who have attended and enjoyed our incident free Friday night promotion over the last three years.

Bourbon Street has and will cooperate fully with the Police Department and other governmental agencies. We will provide additional details and updates upon completion of the investigation.

Photo: Bourbon Street last year (Bourbon Street MySpace)

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