How much rain fell in your town?


Carl Yowell, in Woodstock, writes: “Is there a web site which will give me daily, monthly and year-to-date rainfall totals for my local area?” The best one I know of is the CoCoRaHS Network ( Just click on “View Data,” then “Total Precipitation Summary.” Select your state and county, and the date range you want to see, then “Search.” It’s not perfect; these are volunteers, and some don’t report every day. But it can be a rich source of very localized precipitation data. Good luck.

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m. Monday: Found this note in my inbox this morning from Allen Myers:

"Another good website for local weather is:  After you type in your town, you get the local weather as well as a list of 'backyard' weather stations that give minute-to-minute weather updates as well as their daily, weekly, and monthly weather history."

Thanks for that. I should have mentioned it myself, since The Sun's weather station is among those using Weatherunderground's platform. To see it, click here.

(SUN PHOTO: Karl Merton Ferron, October, 2010) 

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