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How much rain fell in your town?


Carl Yowell, in Woodstock, writes: “Is there a web site which will give me daily, monthly and year-to-date rainfall totals for my local area?” The best one I know of is the CoCoRaHS Network (www.cocorahs.org) Just click on “View Data,” then “Total Precipitation Summary.” Select your state and county, and the date range you want to see, then “Search.” It’s not perfect; these are volunteers, and some don’t report every day. But it can be a rich source of very localized precipitation data. Good luck.

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m. Monday: Found this note in my inbox this morning from Allen Myers:

"Another good website for local weather is: weatherunderground.com  After you type in your town, you get the local weather as well as a list of 'backyard' weather stations that give minute-to-minute weather updates as well as their daily, weekly, and monthly weather history."

Thanks for that. I should have mentioned it myself, since The Sun's weather station is among those using Weatherunderground's platform. To see it, click here.

(SUN PHOTO: Karl Merton Ferron, October, 2010) 

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