Drug-dealing robots in Baltimore

Not illegal drugs, silly.

In case you missed it, I wrote about a Baltimore-area company that spent $30 million on robotic technology that automates the dispensing and packaging of pharmaceuticals for institutional clients, such as nursing homes and assisting living facilities. Mind you, these aren't humanoid robots -- rather, they're bulky, heavy, boxy beasts.

The company is called Remedi SeniorCare, and it's run by Michael Bronfein, who built up NeighborCare into a national player in the institutional pharmacy business. (Institutional pharmacies basically supply medications to, what else?, institutions, such as nursing homes, hospitals and even prisons.)

I got a tour of Remedi's facility in Rosedale, with these incredible robotic automatons that pretty much eliminated the need for humans handling, packaging and labelling thousands of medication orders per day. Pretty incredible stuff.

Here's my story on the company and the industry it's playing in. Like my headline?

And below is one angle of the robot, known as the Paxit system.

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