Blessed are the cheesemakers

Of course, not to be taken literally. All manufacturers of dairy products are equally blessed.

The first year of Thursday evening Food Enthusiast Classes at Baltimore International College is winding down. Classes are held at the college's culinary arts center on Central Avenue. More information and the course catalog here.

Coming up:  

April 7 - My Friend Sushi

April 7 - Introduction to Cheesemaking

April 14 - Wok Around the Clock

April 21 - Easter Brunch/Easter Basket

April 28 - Mother's Day Brunch

And coming up on April 16, you can learn how to make a Clam Bake for Two as part of the Cook, Crack & Eat series of seafood cooking classes at Phillips Harborpace. The classes include a designed to help you learn the tricks of the trade. Join Chef Todd Weisz for a guaranteed  a demonstration, some wine and a  meal with the chef Todd Weisz.

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