Bisciotti "not offended" by Flacco speaking out on Zorn

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said he “wasn’t surprised” nor “offended” at Joe Flacco speaking out against the firing of quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn two months ago.

“A lot of people said it was good to see it out of Flacco and I kind of felt it the same way,” Bisciotti said. “We want Joe to be the leader of this team. We want his opinion know and want his opinion respected. The fact that he felt disrespected and he didn’t get his way maybe is the learning process for Joe in that he wasn’t brought to the table for his opinion in the first couple of years. The first step to him becoming a leader is to get his opinion. But getting his opinion across and getting his way are two different things.”

When he learned Zorn’s job was in jeopardy, Flacco said he spoke with Bisciotti and coach John Harbaugh to voice his support of Zorn. “I'm not happy about it, and they know I'm not happy about it,” Flacco said in late January. “I’m not going to be happy about it for a long time.”

Bisciotti said he wants Flacco to be included in the decisions but not all the decisions are going to go his way.

Said Bisciotti: “I think if you talk to Joe now, his first reaction was they didn’t listen to me. Now, I think now he would say: ‘They listened to me but they didn’t agree with me.’ There’s a difference. We’re not going to avoid getting Joe’s opinion because he didn’t like the outcome of the first one. We want Joe’s opinion on any matter.”

Harbaugh has indicated twice this season that the team will give increased responsibilities to Flacco, which includes more audibles.

“I think that he would say that he’s been brought into the process more with Cam [Cameron, offensive coordinator] and John in the last couple of months than he ever has,” Bisciotti said. “I think he likes the positives. I think he’s won a lot of battles in the deployment of our offense going forward. I think he would say he’s had a lot of input and is happy where he is.”

Has Bisciotti talked to Flacco since the firing of Zorn?

“I talked to him a couple of times,” Bisciotti said. “I tried to get to Florida to golf for a couple of days before I wasn’t allowed to talk to him. But he was planning a trip to Pebble Beach. And he chose Pebble Beach over me, which I certainly don’t blame him. I would have done the same.”

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