Atwater's in Catonsville introduces Sunday brunch

The folks at the Atwater's in Catonsville, the company's central bakery (formally known as Atwater's Natually Leavened Bread), have installed a seating area for customers on the second floor of its historic Frederick Avenue building.

In December, Atwater's began offering its customers a walk-in lunch option and has just recently added a Sunday brunch.

It's all done with tiffin boxes, those tiered containers popular in India and Pakistan. The tiffin boxes are just the thing for carrying an Atwater's soup up to the second floor, according to general manager Donna Grant.

The tiffin stack on weekdays includes a soup, a bread and a sweet and is limited to a few daily choices - typically one is vegetarian. The price range is $6.95 to $7.95.

Now, customers can come in for Sunday brunch, when there are more choices.

Tier 1 might be a choice of granola parfait, dilled potato salad, or a green salad; tier 2, a main course like baked ham-and-egg pie, vegetarian pot pie, or potato leek soup; and tier 3, a sweet or pastry.

Customers can purchase (and personalize) their very own tiffin box for $14.95, and when they do, they will have it filled with one complimentary lunch. (Alternately, if they give the tiffin box as a gift, it will include a voucher for the complimentary lunch.)

And each time a tiffin box is brought back in, 50 cents (the approximate savings for Atwater's) will be donated to charity.




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