What? No joke?

Things got backed up at the plant last week, leaving the website with no video joke for this week, but yesterday I recorded seven more* that should have you wincing for weeks.

More updates: 

We did have a word of the week, lapidary.

I have been trying to keep up with and delete the Viagra spam that someone has been assiduously planting in comments on past posts, but if I overlook any, please let me know.

My sighting of a city snowplow on Plymouth Road turns out to be just the rarity I thought it was. My colleague Yeganeh June Torbati reports in today’s Sun that residents of Hamilton, unaccustomed to street-clearing services, feel that they have to fend for themselves when it snows.

And now off to the paragraph factory, where the new copy desk academic intern, Andrew Zaleski, will be arriving for some tedious paperwork and initiation into the arcana of NewsGate.


*I told a colleague about the seven weeks’ worth of jokes, and she remarked, “I hope they like that sweater vest.”


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