What is WRONG with people?

On February 11, Lara Logan, a reporter for CBS News, was attacked by a mob in Cairo, beaten, and raped.

This was bad enough, but her treatment since the story became public amounts to a second assault. It has elements that people of a certain mind-set have pounced on with glee.

For example, one Debbie Schlussel, with whom I was previously unacquainted but who appears to be one of those blond female cyborgs so much in vogue of late, suggested that the sexual assault may have taught Ms. Logan a valuable lesson. (Here’s another: women, beware women.)

Thus an apparently irresistible opportunity to smack several favorite targets at once, viz.:

Attractive, sexy woman reporter gets herself raped. Well, she should have known better and probably asked for it, the liberal slut.

Aha, Muslim men are no better than animals after all, and we were right to tell you that they are all vicious and dangerous.

And the liberal news media, trying to portray Egyptians as peaceful aspirants to democracy, is once again exposed as weak-minded propagandists.

If you found this three-part summary distasteful—and I certainly hope you did—check out the comments on various blogs and news sites, which are considerably less restrained. Some sites, in fact, have closed comments for lack of any better means to stem the flow of rabid commentary.

I have to go wash my hands.


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