'Nobody kill anybody': Murder-free weekend urged in Baltimore

Tell The Times what you think

At Facebook, 156 people have signed on to Keep “On Language" in the New York Times, which states its purpose succinctly:

Let's get a letter-writing campaign going! Tell the Times what you think of this decision by sending your complaints to these e-mail addresses:

NYT Magazine letters to the editor magazine@nytimes.com

NYT Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren hugo.lindgren@nytimes.com

NYT public editor Arthur Brisbane public@nytimes.com

I have written a letter, though I must tell you that I have little hope that a letter-writing campaign will have much effect. At an American newspaper, nothing is more stubbornly adhered to than a misguided decision—the dumber the decision, the more determinedly.

Still, they shouldn’t get away with this unscathed.



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