Monday Morning Quarterbacking -- Demi

Here's the link to the review of Demi, the new restaurant on the lower level of Crush in Belvedere Square.

I had asked in the preview post if readers could think of other instances of restaurants sharing the same address, even the same kitchen. I liked the Tusk Lounge/Brass Elephant example, although one could always order from the Brass Elephant menu when you were in the Tusk Lounge, as I recall.

I didn't even think to try ordering from the Crush menu at Demi. I wonder if you could if you wanted to.

I obviously enjoyed my evening at Demi. The people I saw dining at tables were enjoying themselves, too. I always make  a point of looking around to check), but if I went back I'd want to sit at the chef's counter again.

Baltimore Sun photo/Lloyd Fox 

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