'Live to Dance' recap: The finalists take the stage

Janell is back to recap last night's Live to Dance finals. *jazz hands*:

Are you ready for this, America? Andrew Gunsberg would like to know. Andrew is ready, he even flips his microphone up into the air and catches it, that’s how ready he is. The judges are already seated, they’re so ready. You know who’s not ready? The zombie moppet crew. The People of America didn’t vote for them. Kendall Glover was voted in last week, and she’ll be the only soloist of the night. Don’t worry about Kendall, she’s always ready. You know what I’m ready for? The end of Andrew’s “one dance, once chance” rhyme. Yes, I get it, and you’re very clever. Let’s move on. It’s the finals!

Ooh, we’re starting off with Twitch, starring Anthony! Three of the dancers will be graduating, so this is their last time dancing together after 10 years. They have a red-carpet stairway, and they’re dancing to the song “Paparazzi.” Anthony! is missing his shirt again. They have funky poses and Anthony! spins a lot, but it’s not an emotional number like their other ones, and the moves aren’t striking enough to make me love it as much as I want to. Nevermind, though, Travis screams that it was awesome. Kimberly saw diversity and training. Paula pushes Anthony! to do different variations of turns and tells the group to work on breaking the mold. They get 3 gold stars.

Next is the People of America’s favorite contemporary ballet act, White Tree Fine Art. Did you know they’re in love? With dance? And with each other? Love. Love love love. They dance to someone’s version of “Over the Rainbow,” and they kiss, and end with a crazy pose where she’s on him and he’s balancing on his hands. He is strong. Kimberly raves again, Paula says it’s a privilege to see them. Travis, who has not been a fan in the past, says he’s now a believer. They get 3 gold stars.

Now comes The Vibe, all 38 of them. They’re dancing to “Umbrella,” and they start with actual umbrellas and some couples dancing and it’s cool. Then more dancers come out and there are trampolines and jumping and the camera just keeps panning across because it can’t fit them all in. It’s busy, and I wish it was longer so I could soak it in better. Paula says they have good technique, but tells them that less is more, not all of them have to be onstage all the time. Wow, she’s right again! I’m beginning to suspect that Paula actually knows some stuff about dance. Travis says they started wonderfully, then it got busy, and maybe it should have been less ambitious. For that, Red Star Alert! Kimberly gives them a gold star.

Now it’s Kendall’s turn. She’s wearing a one-legged green sequined jumpsuit, and has a tall mesh Mohawk with peacock feathers. It’s crazy but cool. She dances to “The Dog Days are Over.” She has great technique, of course, and the routine is energetic and go go go, but I think I would like to see a different interpretation of the song. Listen to me, all judgey. I want more musicality from her! I understand she’s one little girl trying to fill a huge stage, and jumps are one way to do it. It’s just, when I dance to this song in my head when I’m driving my car, I dance it differently, and therefore she’s doing it wrong. Kimberly says she’s a powerhouse and will have an incredible career. Paula says she has great athletic prowess. Travis calls her a bright shining star. And look: 3 gold stars.

Here’s Dance Town Chaos. They’re wearing tribal half-naked costumes with lots of body paint, and a two-toned stripe across the eyes. They’re dancing to Kanye West’s “Power,” and, holy crap, you guys. They are so awesome. Strong moves, they are together with the occasional soloist, they’re not afraid to have slower movements, I love the staging (and I don’t mean the lights and background, I just mean how they move around the stage). At the end, 6 of them run off to the sides to beat on giant drums while the others spin, and it was just a perfect dance for that song. Whoa. I might have watched it over and over and over. The judges give them a standing ovation. Paula screams that that’s what it’s like to be authentic and relevant. She’s right again! Travis literally shrieks and says they deserve their own stage show now. Kimberly says she’s in love, and she compliments their music choice and flavor and lines, then closes with a “woooo!” As they get 3 gold stars, Andrew jokes that they’d only be more excited if Kanye “Twittered” about it.

Finally, it’s D’Angelo and Amanda, the tiny Latin ballroom dancers. They dance a tango, with only a chair as a prop. They have intense faces, big jumps with such straight legs, sharp kicks. They actually nail it. The judges give them a standing ovation, too. Travis says they’re the future of ballroom dance, and they topped their last dance. Kimberly was blown away by their passion, and says D’Angelo reminds her of Patrick Swayze. Paula curtseys to them and says they’re mesmerizing. 3 gold stars!

Andrew has some time to kill and he asks the judges to sum up. Blah blah blah. Let me sum up for you: Dance Town Chaos blew me away. I think Anthony! from Twitch could learn a few things from them. D’Angelo and Amanda were second, I think, for their commitment. All in all, it was a pretty good night. I wish all of the routines could have been longer.

Next week is the results show, with “special guests.” I won’t even begin to guess. Maybe we’ll get an encore from someone. Oops, that was a guess. Anyway, perhaps I’ve had a little too much sugar, I’m still buzzed from Dance Town Chaos. Did I mention that? Okay, People of America, it’s up to you. Who are you voting for?

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