From the blogs, mid-morning reading

1) From the Economist's Gullliver blog on business travel, this post on the increasing practice in Great Britain of tacking service charges on the restaurant bill. The comments are fun to read (and you thought we were cranky) -- nineteen pages of them and counting. 

(You know how in the United States the custom is to post prices, in stores and restaurants, without the tax figured in -- apparently that drives Brits right up the bloody wall.)

2) From Epicurious, an Oscar party planner, complete with food and drink recipes inspired by all 10 nominated films. My favorite, the Ozark feast inspired by Winter's Bone -- roasted venison, horseradish mashed potatoes and wild blueberry pie with almond crumble topping. The menus are all pretty thoughtful, I think. 

3) From the daily entry in (the wonderful) Foodimentary, the "food lover's notebook" -- this tidbit: today, in 1933, Prohibition was repealed. 

Also, today is National Almond Day, which give you a double reason to go to Centro Tapas Bar and order the Churros de Pescado -- crispy rockfish fritters with Estrella Damm beer coating and sweet almond aioli. Rockfish AND almonds.

4) And, closer to home, HowChow has the goods on a new Kosher (or Kosher-style) deli opening soon in Maple Lawn.

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