Days of Pikesville Rye may return with Sloop Betty

Pikesville Supreme Rye Whiskey hasn't been locally owned since the early 1980s. And many, if not all, of Maryland's distillers breathed their last gasp in the 70s. But, in March, two brothers, Christopher and Jon Cook, will become the state's first distillers in 40 years. That's when they plan to start making a premium wheat vodka called Sloop Betty, reporter Jill Rosen writes in today's paper. The vodka will also be unique nationwide:

Bill Owens, president of the American Distilling Institute, says only 254 companies, all of them small, are making craft spirits. Seven years ago, when the Cooks first thought of trying it, there were fewer than 100.

It's not clear yet who will carry the vodka - the brothers haven't signed their distributor agreement yet. But it's probably safe to say that some places that still carry Pikesville Rye - like Idle Hour and the Pinehurst Wine Shoppe in North Baltimore - will.

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