There's a new sheriff on offense: Michael Oher

Say what you will about Michael Oher, the Ravens' massive and still-developing left tackle.

Yes, he picks up too many penalties. Yes, he's had problems with his footwork and been beaten by too many lesser pass rushers this season.

 And, yes, he loses his poise on occasion, which can cost the Ravens in big games like yesterday's 30-7 playoff thumping of the Kansas City Chiefs.

But I love the guy's fire. And his fierce loyalty to his teammates.

Oher is the first player to jump in an opponent's face when one of his Ravens teammates is abused -- and the rest of the Ravens love him for that.

Time and again yesterday, especially late in the game when the Chiefs were losing their composure and cheap-shotting the Ravens, it was Oher who was the first to wade into the melee to protect a teammate.

NFL players love to talk about having each others' backs. Oher makes it clear he has his teammates' backs on every play.

When you play a violent game in an angry, hostile environment, how can you not love a guy like that?

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