The Mr. Rain's get-together

I wish I could have been there. The 501ers who went to last night's Starving Artist Happy Hour at Mr. Rain's Fun House said it was a good time. AK brought back the menu, which featured chef Bill Buszinksi's Filipino Fried Chicken Wings, along with poutine, black-eye pea cakes, rumaki and more.

Tell me all about it, especially the Filipino Fried Chicken Wings.

I have to say this. I wasn't intimately involved in arranging this event. I just made a few phone calls, and the Mr. Rain's staff took care of the rest. But it is an absolute pleasure to place a phone call to Mr. Rain's Fun House because whoever answers the phone is unerringly polite, cheerful and helpful.

Not everyone who answers the phone in a Baltimore restaurant conveys anything, except maybe annoyance.  

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