Roberts says he feels great

For all the new offensive acquisitions by the Orioles this offseason, it’s hard to argue that perhaps the biggest addition will be a healthy Brian Roberts.

The Orioles’ leadoff hitter battled back issues most of the year and then missed the last week of the season with concussion symptoms after hitting himself in the head with a bat.

Roberts said he had lingering concussion symptoms up until about Christmastime.

But now?

“I’m great. I feel as good as I have felt in the last year, year and half.”

He said he’s pretty used to the turnaround in the Orioles’ infield, but this year he is the lone returning starter.

“For the most part it is a new infield, and I am excited about it.”

He said he was probably most excited when he heard the Orioles had acquired third baseman Mark Reynolds, because he was the first of the big acquisitions and because Roberts believes the Orioles needed another home run threat in the middle of the lineup.

Regardless, he said, how well the club does depends on a lot more than the offense.

“For me, the key is still going to be our young starters, even with all these acquisitions, these young guys are going to have to pitch well for us.”

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