Nation's mental institutions now filled with rappers

It's looks like it's not just Wale who's gone crazy recently. On Tuesday, an Atlanta judge sent Gucci Mane to a psychiatric institution after the rapper pleaded "mental incompetency" to charges that he'd violated the terms of his probation. And that same day, the rapper Charles Hamilton was also referred to a psychiatric clinic to see if he was mentally fit to stand trial over an assault charge. So, what is this fun new trend, some kind of defense tactic? "I don't have substance abuse issues judge; I'm just nuts." Clever. Two weeks ago, it was DMX who was committed. After serving a month in Joe Arpaio's Tent City jail, he was committed to the jail's mental-health unit for 30 days. A judge had previously said the rapper suffered from "bi-polar disorder or some sort of mental affliction." Well, that, I believe, because DMX really is basket case.

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