"I consider myself a bestovore"

I enjoyed this wonderful interview on Eater with Mimi Sheraton. I think you will, too.

(I was tipped off to this interview by the keeper of the pseudonymous Conrad Banks site, which is new to me but which I'm enjoying.)

Here's Sheraton on the locavore movement:

I'm not a total locavore. I'll say that. I consider myself a bestovore. Nevermind local if it is not the best. But if I were faced with a Pennsylvania peach or Georgia peach, I would take the Georgia peach every time and let them sort it out in Pennsylvania. I think the locavores should stay home, that they shouldn't fly back and forth, especially from California making big carbon footprints in the sky to speak to us about the importance of being local.I have a plan that they should never travel farther than they can go without the use of outside power. They can skate, bike, sail, walk, horse ride. Otherwise they should stay home. Certain of them whom I won't mention probably cross the continent six to eight times a year. Locavores should stay in walking distance. 


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