Top 10 Tuesday -- the most commented-upon Dining@Large posts of 2010

Here are the most commented-upon Dining@Large posts of 2010. There are probably better metrics (e.g., page views) for determining the popularity of a post. But something about these 10 posts obviously hit a nerve. If only there was a way to know which post will hit big, we'd do it every time.

The list in a sec, but first, there's something I've been meaning to say for a long time now.

I truly think Bristol Palin's weight problem is gluten related, and in fact I'll buy you a cup of coffee if I'm wrong. But not one that costs $13 -- what would that be in euros!?!?

Anyway, I guess someone's mother is too busy flapping her gums to study up on killer wheat.

Here, then, in reverse order, with the number of comments in parentheses, Hon.

The $13 Cup of Joe Reviewed (83)

In April, a guest review about Spro in Hampden got some readers boiling 

Top ten foods most likely to be banned under Obamacare (84)

In late March, some good old-fashioned vitriol and invective resulted from this satirical guest Top 10 list. I really should have posted about Sarah Palin's comments about Michelle Obama's obesity campaign.

Feeding the Blogger (85)

A painful mid-May episode on Dining@Large. The topic will be worth revisiting someday but this got very personal. 

Gino's burgers are making a comeback (90)

Way back on January 2, this post about the return of an icon elicited a flood of misty-eyed posts

Contest # 1: One-word restaurant rebranding (95)

Pure fun from early October. I ran out of steam with the contests. I plan to revive them in 2011. Send some good ideas my way.

The article about Cafe Hon (114)

A December post, but I don't remember it. What was this?

Luca's café closes (136)

Some excruciating mis-understandings helped to fuel the reaction to this post from April. Politics came into it, too, but from a distance, the whole thing reads as humor.

Little Italy old-timers vs. hipster Milan (158)

Now that's a GREAT blog-post title! And how about this for a great first line: "It's neighbor against neighbor in Little Italy -- again."

Exciting News! (163)

Elizabeth Large announces her retirement.

In Defense of Gluten (175)

Who knew?

* Materials & Methods: There is no option on the blog publisher I use that shows clearly a list of posts and the number of comments attached to them. So I may have missed something. Also, some posts were afflicted with more "double posts" then others.

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