The week, reviewed: Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

Ozzy Osbourne played an awesome show at 1st Mariner Arena last week. But would it have been better if he'd drank Four Loko? Now, there's a frightening combination: Ozzy on Loko. Sadly, the devil swill was killed again before he got a hold of it. No one in Canton had a hard time getting a hold of the "Joe Flacco special" - two hot dogs and cheddar wrapped in puff pastry - on gameday. Ted Leo considered retirement last week, but instead decided to just scale back shows. South Baltimore's The Park Bench opened and was reviewed. But the new Frisco Grill hasn't yet opened and hasn't been reviewed. Though they do have a snazzy a 9-minute video tour. We wondered if it'd be possible to barhop on the Charm City Circulator. The Grammy nominated young and old: Chuck Brown and Justin Bieber, a slightly crazier combo than Ozzy and Four Loko. Hudson Street Stackhouse added 12 new draft lines, possibly beating Mahaffey's to be Canton's best beer bar. And Reverend Peyton commented on the wonders of the washboard, and the horribleness of T-Pain. In better news: Max's Taphouse kicked off the Holidays early with homemade Christmas lights. And MySpace did the same by posting a preview of the Daft Punk-scored "Tron" soundtrack.

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