The reported Koji Six, and a stroll around the lobby

It’s the official first day of the winter meetings and by 9 a.m. people were buzzing in the lobby.

OK, buzzing it is a bit strong. It was like a march of defeated ants, everyone knowing for the next three days there will be countless monotonous strolls around the lobby at the Swan and Dolphin Resort here in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

I’ve considering setting up a popcorn stand next to the 40-foot tree in the main lobby, so people have a way of a leaving a trail around this place so know where they’ve been and how to get back.

If I can do half as well as the coffee counters in this place, I may never had back north.

Enough talk about food and drink (can’t imagine I sniff breakfast for four days here), let’s throw you a nugget of the baseball variety.

One of my handshakes this morning was with a Japanese reporter who spent a little time covering Koji Uehara in the States.

He said the six teams that apparently have shown interest in Koji, the Orioles’ closer at the end of the season and a current free agent, was detailed to the Japanese media.

Apparently the six are the Orioles, the Seattle Mariners, the Minnesota Twins, the Boston Red Sox, the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Of that list, you have to expect the Orioles are the only team absolutely set on Uehara being the closer.

The word in Japan is the word we hear here: That Koji wants to return to Baltimore but he’d go elsewhere for a two-year deal. And it’s highly unlikely the Orioles offer him a multi-year contract.

Like everything else at this place this week, it will be a wait and see.

In a few minutes, the Hall of Fame is having a press conference.

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