Notes on Friedgen, Leach and the coaching search

First, some notes on Maryland's football coaching search:

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is interviewing as soon as today, but he's not Maryland's sole focus. If you hear more about Leach than others, that may be because:

• He's obviously an intriguing guy on a number of levels.

• He's not currently coaching, so there are fewer bureaucratic hurdles to clear and less need for secrecy. Leach himself can express interest in jobs (which he has) without worrying about alienating a current employer.

Maryland AD Kevin Anderson had told me previously that Leach was cerebral and had a good record of graduating players. And then there is that spread offense of his.

But this was never a one-person search.

Maryland has also expressed interest in Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and others. It's not believed Malzahn has been on the College Park campus.

I think many sports pundits try too hard to characterize the coaching search as a horse race, naming candidates as front-runners, etc. I think the process is more complicated than that, and I steer away from dumbing it down. I want to differentiate between facts (which are gold) and speculation, which is a far less precious commodity.

I'll update what I know later in the day. I'm expecting lots of activity in the coaching search very soon.

By the way, did you notice this Friedgen quote? "I think there's a lot of things that really have to change to help [Maryland] reach its potential, and to be honest with you, I don't know if the university is willing to do that."

Anybody want to hazard a guess on exactly what he was referring to? I have some thoughts based on conversations with Friedgen over the years but wonder if you want to weigh in first ...

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