More Uehara contract info including vesting numbers and a limited no-trade clause

Here’s a few more details on Koji Uehara’s contract, which has been signed and filed with the commissioner’s office.

Most important, the $3-million-base, one-year deal in 2011 will vest for 2012 if Uehara reaches either 55 games pitched or 25 games finished next season.

Those are fairly attainable goals for Uehara if he stays healthy. Even with two disabled list stints in 2010, Uehara pitched in 43 games and finished 22 last year.

Another interesting aspect of the deal is that Uehara, 35, has a limited no-trade clause, meaning he cannot be dealt to six teams. Those specific clubs are not disclosed in the contract.

There are also some perks included that are fairly standard with Japanese players’ contracts -- the club must provide a translator, reimburse Uehara for a personal trainer, pick up some Japan to U.S. airline travel and, similar to his last deal, allow him to elect free agency at the completion of the contract (whether it‘s 2011 or, in the case of vesting, 2012.)

Ultimately, the contract can be worth as much as $11.5 million if he stays healthy and is the closer for two seasons. Only the $3 million base for 2011 is guaranteed.

The first year can be worth up to $6.5 million with $100,000 bonuses starting at 30 games pitched and continuing at each five game interval up to 50. Uehara can also earn bonuses ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 for games finished from 10 to 55.

If the contract vests, he’ll get a $4 million base salary in 2012 and potentially another $1 million in games-finished bonuses. A player cannot receive bonuses on specific statistical categories, such as saves or wins.

Uehara’s contract also includes standard award package bonuses for honors such as postseason awards and all-star selections.

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